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March 2015

Many couples ask us - Should we get engagement photos done? Our answer is always YES! We whole-heartedly believe that in order for couples to have the best wedding photography experience possible, it should begin before the wedding day arrives. Here is our perspective on why every couple should have an engagement session. * * * Spend Quality Time Together After weeks of planning, scheduling, and coordinating your wedding, an engagement session is the perfect time to simply be together. Now is the time to slow down and remember why you are doing all of this in

In a dark and crowded bar, he saw her smile light up the room. She was more beautiful than anything he had ever seen and just had to talk to her. That conversation changed the rest of their lives. Over two years, they bonded at the Angel's Stadium watching their favorite baseball team, snuggled up watching movies together, and spending time with Marie's three wonderful children. On a warm and sunny afternoon in Riverside, California Marie and Westley invited their closest family and friends to the historical Benedict Castle to

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