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April 2017

Their mutual friends had met on and were throwing a Super Bowl party to celebrate. When Evan arrived, the first person he noticed was Talea. She was in a bathing suit, and he couldn't keep his eyes off of her! He was shy though and didn't approach her. Talea being fearless, decided to be the one to break the ice by offering him a chicken wing (that she secretly didn't like). At that point, Evan was pretty much in love - a girl in a bikini, at a party had offered

They officially met through mutual friends at their Huntington Beach high school. But even before that, Cassie knew of Michael. His friend lived in her neighborhood and borrowed her camera. When she got the camera back, and scrolled through the photos, there was a cute guy in one of them. One day, Cassie attempted to introduce herself and failed because he didn't hear her. She ended up awkwardly walking out of the room. But somehow, fate brought them together. After they had been dating for a while without actually having the title, someone

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