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July 2017

Caitlin and James married at the Newport Beach LDS Temple. They promised each other to continue their love through their actions and words. It was a bright and sunny day in Orange County, California. They opted to see each other before the ceremony and shared their first look at their bridal session last week. The beauty of seeing each other beforehand is the bride and groom can enjoy a private moment, and have plenty of time on their wedding day for other photos. Caitlin and James, thank you for giving

They met at church. She was sitting off to the side of the chapel when a friend Hannah asked her to come sit in the middle with her before the service began. Caitlin happily moved seats and they began talking about college, and their future careers. In the middle of their conversation, a surprisingly tall, well dressed guy snuck into the seat beside her. She secretly stole a glance at him and thought "ah, now I get why Hannah asked me to sit by her!" The guy casually

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