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Our Story

Humble Beginnings

Josh and I met his sophomore and my freshman year in highschool. We became best friends, and have been for over 10 years now! We fell head over heels for each other and began officially dating over five years ago. It's been the most amazing adventure so far...

Josh + Michaela

Things We Love To Do

Renovate Our 1976 Airstream

Three years ago we bought a travel trailer. We've completely gutted it and have been rebuilding it ever since.

Shoot Weddings Worldwide

There are no limits to where we will travel to for a wedding. We love when we're thrown into new environments and are forced to think creatively.

Explore Coffee Shops

We love to try new coffee shops! We just love the vibe of everyone relaxing together.


We used to have a Kawasaki Ninja that we would ride around on when we first started dating, but had to sell it. We still occasionally rent motorcycles to relive those good times while we save up for a new one!

Ideal Client

Who We Love The Most

A couple who doesn’t mind getting a little dirt on their outfits, up to hike to get that AMAZING shot, and who isn’t afraid to have some fun. 

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