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Tucked away in the hills of Murrieta lies the Fontainebleau Venue. Located on five acres, it's a gorgeous and romantic venue featuring french gardens, terraced lawns, brick pathways, and magnificent oak trees. From the moment we arrived, we knew something magical was going to be created! Kathleen and Jereme have a special place in a hearts. We both went to high school with Kathleen and are so proud of the life she's built for herself. From their engagement session, to their wedding day, it has been a blast getting to

The historic Santa Barbara Club played host to a beautifully sophisticated wedding last weekend. Renowned for its Wine Country cuisine and secluded garden oasis within the city, it was a beautiful space to say the least. Talea and Evan celebrated the joining of two families, and their love for eternity. Talea and Evan, thank you for being the kindest, most thoughtful souls since the moment we met you. From your Santa Barbara engagement session at your mid century modern home, to the very last wedding dance - you have

We'd been looking forward to this weekend's Serendipity Garden wedding for over a year now; and for so many reasons, we know it's one that we'll never forget. We met Lauren and Andrew in Big Bear, California for their engagement session last year, and knew right away they were our kind of people. They are two of the sweetest, most adventurous people, and they are so much fun to be around! Their wedding was tucked in the hills of Oak Glen at a private oasis over nearly eight acres.

They currently call San Francisco home, their nest not too far away from views of the ocean, and redwood trees. But last weekend, the Environmental Center in Newport Beach, California is where they choose to become officially husband and wife. It was a gorgeous venue filled with butterflies, evergreens and cacti, hidden just 15 minutes away from the Pacific Ocean. Cassie and Michael, thank you for being totally awesome. We are thrilled to have been a part of your wedding day. Every detail was thoughtfully crafted with care and

Caitlin and James married at the Newport Beach LDS Temple. They promised each other to continue their love through their actions and words. It was a bright and sunny day in Orange County, California. They opted to see each other before the ceremony and shared their first look at their bridal session last week. The beauty of seeing each other beforehand is the bride and groom can enjoy a private moment, and have plenty of time on their wedding day for other photos. Caitlin and James, thank you for giving

They met at church. She was sitting off to the side of the chapel when a friend Hannah asked her to come sit in the middle with her before the service began. Caitlin happily moved seats and they began talking about college, and their future careers. In the middle of their conversation, a surprisingly tall, well dressed guy snuck into the seat beside her. She secretly stole a glance at him and thought "ah, now I get why Hannah asked me to sit by her!" The guy casually

So many dreams were fulfilled on this beautiful Southern California day. There was not a cloud in the sky, and the sun shined brightly down upon the guests. Maddy and Charlie married at Coto de Caza Golf & Racquet Club with the beautiful mountains behind them.They promised each other to continue their love not by way of mere words, but actions. We could not imagine a more perfect day, with two people more fully in love.   Maddy and Charlie, you are magical. You make everyone around you feel welcome and comfortable like

Your wedding day is here! All the planning, and dreaming and preparing you have been doing led you to this very day.  It's beautiful, magical and exciting. Today is the day that you are going to marry the man of your dreams. Today is the day you are going to become a wife. But, as Destination Wedding photographer's, we are selfish creatures. We want you to get ready where there is the best possible light. Today we will help you decide where to get ready on your wedding

Let's be honest here. Unless you happen to have one of those "Instagram Husbands" your groom is most likely not going to be into the whole picture thing. Don't worry, you're not alone, and we get it! We often receive emails from brides who are worried their groom won't be into the engagement photo process. Well, we have great news for you - you are both more photogenic than you think! We constantly surprise couples by discovering their secret modeling skills and our most common response from our Moose Studio

The wedding day is coming to an end and it's time to make your grand exit. Aside from the gorgeous photo op, your wedding exit is the grand finale to one of the most amazing days of your life. It is the perfect chance for friends and family to literally shower you with love. Showering newlyweds with rice is a time-honored tradition said to bless them with prosperity, fertility and good fortune. However, many couples today are putting a unique twist on the tradition. Today we are sharing 21 creative ideas

They played against each other during co-ed softball in Fullerton. When Jereme noticed her from across the field he asked his friends about her. Unfortunately for him, she had a boyfriend at the time. So many weeks passed before they crossed paths again. After Kathleen ended her previous relationship, her friend encouraged her to get back in the dating game. Scrolling through Instagram, she stumbled across a photo of the guy from her softball game. She reminded her friend that she thought he was cute. Her friend casually passed on the compliment

Their mutual friends had met on and were throwing a Super Bowl party to celebrate. When Evan arrived, the first person he noticed was Talea. She was in a bathing suit, and he couldn't keep his eyes off of her! He was shy though and didn't approach her. Talea being fearless, decided to be the one to break the ice by offering him a chicken wing (that she secretly didn't like). At that point, Evan was pretty much in love - a girl in a bikini, at a party had offered

They officially met through mutual friends at their Huntington Beach high school. But even before that, Cassie knew of Michael. His friend lived in her neighborhood and borrowed her camera. When she got the camera back, and scrolled through the photos, there was a cute guy in one of them. One day, Cassie attempted to introduce herself and failed because he didn't hear her. She ended up awkwardly walking out of the room. But somehow, fate brought them together. After they had been dating for a while without actually having the title, someone

Caroline and Brett are seriously one of the sweetest couples. You may remember them from their Big Bear engagement session, and their Grand Californian Hotel & Spa wedding day couldn't have matched their outdoorsy filled personalities any better. Throughout each part of the day, one thing was so apparent : their overflowing excitement and love for each other. The way Brett looks at Caroline is straight out of a romance novel. From the moment she stepped out to see him for their first look, to the last dance of

As California + Destination wedding photographers we shoot a lot of engagement sessions. The number one struggle clients have while preparing for their shoot is choosing a location. We love to offer suggestions for the perfect location, but ultimately let the couple make the final call. We want them to feel connected and invested in the place they've chosen. Today we are going to share how to choose the perfect location for your engagement session.  Choose A Location That Reflects Your Personality If you hate the beach, then it doesn't make sense to

They met at a Christmas party over three years ago. The pine sweet smell of the tree ghosted through the room. The festive party was beautifully decorated for the holidays. People chatted excitedly with one another, their voices falling in and out like waves. But all of it faded away when Austin's eyes landed on Lindsay. As soon as he saw her, he knew he had to talk to her. Lindsay is the type of girl that makes you feel like you're the most special person in the world. And that's

After the wedding day is over, and all the gifts have been opened, it's time to say thank you. When we first heard about people texting instead of sending a traditional post-wedding thank you note, we thought it was a joke. Despite being a part of the millennial generation, we think that trend needs to stop. As in, now. If someone gifts you a physical object, it's common courtesy to write them a physical thank you note for it. While it's easy for wedding thank you notes to make you feel overwhelmed and

As destination wedding photographers, we've seen hundreds of ceremonies. In fact, the wedding ceremony is one of our favorite parts of the wedding day! In just a short period of time, we get to witness the chemistry between the bride and groom and hear what brought them together. It is no doubt, a magical experience. However, the one thing that seems to make or break the ceremony, is having a great wedding officiant. The wedding officiant has the sole power to bring laughter or tears to everyone in attendance, setting the tone for the

When we arrived in Big Bear for Lauren and Andrew's engagement session, we stood in awe at the recent snowfall that blanketed everything. Stepping out of our car and hearing the distinctive crunch of snow underfoot, got our hearts racing. We knew we were in for some fun! The air was crisp but heavy with humidity as the snow was beginning to melt. As we made our way up the Castle Rock trail, the sound of rain was all around us.  Trapped in the branches of the fur tees, the

We are so excited to share this California backyard wedding with you! This was the very last wedding of our season, and we couldn't have picked a better grand finale! Oh, where do we even begin? From the moment we met Marisol three years ago, we knew we would be great friends. For a lot of reasons. First, Michaela and her worked together at a local preschool and she ended up being our roommate for a short while. Second, we connected with her because we admired her easy-going nature

You know those couples, the ones that you immediately feel like you're best friends with? Well, that is Maddy and Charlie! When they met us for their engagement session last week - looking AMAZING, we might add - we just clicked! Just like us, they've known each other for over seven years. They officially met at a party in college, at University of San Diego. She was a year behind him and they were both political science majors. Ironically, they were both on the debate team as opposing party captains, democrat vs. republican. But,

Oh, friends! Do we have a fantastic wedding to share with you today! We had the absolute pleasure of photographing Alex and Melissa's gorgeous navy blue Hornblower Cruise wedding in Newport Beach, California. We loved the way Melissa chose to incorporate navy blue, and crisp whites, with just a touch of light pink. The way they tied in the tones and textures of live succulents from their home in the desert fit seamlessly with the yacht. It was clear they put so much care and heart into each decor decision. One of

Of all the students in his high school class, she stood out. Brett noticed Caroline's dark hair, and beautiful smile and knew she was different. He was intrigued and planned to get to know his classmate. When she left to study abroad in Europe, he missed her tremendously. He worked hard to save his lunch for an entire year, just to visit her there. When she returned home, they became inseparable. After years of dating, Caroline became much more than just his girlfriend. He knew it was time to make things official.

A few weeks ago, Leland contacted us from the East Coast to photograph his beach proposal here in Southern California. He and his girlfriend Carlee boarded a plane together for a surprise vacation. She had no idea where they were going, except that it was somewhere in California. Little did she know, he had been planning a secret proposal with us to photograph for weeks. On a perfect sunny day at Crystal Cove in Newport Beach, he got down on one knee to ask the girl of his dreams to

They say that you become like the people you spend your time with. After spending the day with Nikki and Chase's closest family and friends, we can see why they turned out so lovely. From the moment we met them, to the moment we said goodnight, we felt completely welcomed into their intimate circle. Nikki and Chase married at Serra Plaza in San Juan Capistrano beneath a calm blue sky. They promised each other to travel, and explore the world together. To live a life of wonder and adventure. To never

The lure of the beach intrigued Melissa and Alex. The rolling waves, the sand between their toes, and endless sunshine. Once they stumbled upon the Malibu West Beach Club, they knew their wedding venue dreams had come true! The intimate space sat right on top of the beach and overlooked the ocean. It was perfect. Together they invited their friends and family to cheer, and support their storybook love in one of the most beautiful places in the country. The light bathed the guests in its beautiful glow as they exchanged their vows,

In October 2015, on a brisk fall afternoon at a party, Ryan laid eyes on the most radiant woman he had ever seen, Emily. She had a twine-thin body, with a tapered waist. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on her sweeping eyelashes. Her shadow-black hair tumbled over her shoulders. He was captivated by her bouncy personality and sugary voice. Three short months later, he took her to their favorite spot by the beach in Oceanside. As they sat watching the sunset fill the sky with cotton candy colors, he got

Enchanting redwood trees and the smell of the ocean- were the sights and scents of their hometown in San Francisco. They met their sophomore year of college when they lived in a sorority and frat house across the street from each other. Cassie thanked fate she was matched with Michael, the smartest and kindest guy she knew. Six years later, they are still madly in love and spent the afternoon with us laughing, dancing and snuggling up with each other. Cassie and Michael, you were so much fun to be around,

When planning a wedding, no detail can be deemed too small. You've spent thousands of dollars to ensure your wedding day will be absolutely perfect. However, after shooting destination weddings for over 3 years now, we've noticed nearly every bride we've worked with, has always forgotten this one thing that can make a huge difference to your wedding photos : the wedding dress hanger. Today we wanted to offer a few tips to ensure your wedding dress is honored the way it should be on your special day. You've spent months trying

Photographing the getting ready details is one of our favorite parts of the wedding day because it allows us to prepare for the rest of the day. This is when the couple gets ready separately, surrounded by their family, friends and bridal party. We like to photograph a bride's details in a way that matches and showcases the style of the entire wedding day. Before we arrive, we ask the brides to gather any details they have so that we can walk in, say hello and begin! We usually start with

Over eight years ago, Brooke and Bennett met through mutual friends at their high school. After chasing each other for several years, Bennett finally made a move and asked her to be his girlfriend - they dated for five loooong years. Their love story is one of patience, persistence and many prayers. On the day he proposed, Brooke new something was about to happen. Knowing that Bennett was terrible at keeping secrets, Brooke got her hair done at the salon that morning. Bennett was acting really strange, and talking fast as they

Their wedding day began with the sounds of birds chirping in the palm trees of Newport beach, California. Carly and Kylor have carved a space in the world that belongs to wherever they call home. They ensured their friends and family they were not only invited to see them exit the Newport Beach Mormon Temple, but also the moment they entered the world as husband and wife. Enclosed within the temple walls they promised to remain true to not only each other, but to their faith. Together, they

They met in college a few years back. Mike was enamored by Namrata's beauty and couldn't get her out of his mind. He pursued her, talking to her on the phone nearly every night. He needed her. She made him feel alive. After several years of chasing her around the globe in her endless travels, he got down on one knee to ask her to be his. The marriage rites of the Hindu tradition date back over 5,000 years and are performed in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the most ancient surviving Indo-European language. A

They met in college. Over nine years ago in a dorm room. Five years later, they decided to study abroad together in London. When they weren't studying for their classes, they adventured throughout Europe. As a child, Peter had become a professional jump roper, and had traveled quite a bit for his sport. Amanda on the other hand longed to see more of the world. Like a true Prince Charming, Peter got down on one knee in Paris to ask her to marry him. While a piece of their hearts remain in

When we first heard about "First Looks," we weren't really sure what to think. Why would the Bride and Groom want to see each other before the wedding ceremony? That breaks a HUGE tradition! Well, after shooting our first one - our minds were blown - and we highly recommend one on your wedding day. Here's 5 reasons why you need to do a first look on your wedding day. 1. You Won't Waste Time Hiding From One Another No, seriously. We won't have to hold a piece of paper to our face everytime

He cried when she walked down the aisle towards him. Big tears, that slid slowly down his cheeks as he wore a look of sheer bliss. Which, if you knew Geoff, he would swear up and down to you that would never happen. She smiled brightly at him, giving him a subtle nod of reassurance as she continued down the aisle. She took his breath away. As their friends and family gathered around them, Sam and Geoff promised to stay true and always be there to pick the other up if they shall ever

On a warm and sunny day in Temecula, California, Nicole and Trevor stood in front of a beautiful fountain with their friends and family to bind their love for eternity. They glowed with happiness as they read each other their own vows, promising to never leave each other's side. Nicole and Trevor, your love makes those around you want to cheer for your relationship from the sidelines. I wish you all the best as you navigate life together as best friends and husband and wife. Much love

On a beautiful sunny day, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California Rebecca and Georges tied the Knot. They looked, and loved like they were straight out of the 1940's. Years of courtship, and wooing, Georges was finally able to marry his gorgeous bride. It is isn't often that we cry at weddings, but the vows they shared between each other touched our souls. In fact, all of their guests could be heard sniffling and dabbing their eyes during the ceremony. It was truly magical. Rebecca and Georges, you

I love Mormon weddings. I really do. They are always classy, beautiful and full of genuine love. Maybe it's the Newport Beach Temple that made this particular Mormon wedding so magical. The stained glass windows, the green grass and the tall palm trees make it feel like paradise. Or maybe, it's simply the good vibes that seem to circulate around the building put out by the happy families waiting to see the newlyweds step out of the Temple door. Whatever it may be, I am so thankful that Tiffany from Eliza J. Photography

They passed each other in the halls of their high school as teenagers until one day fate decided to bring them together. Rachel and Josh spent the last two years of high school afternoons and weekends enjoying each other's company. When it came time for college, they had become inseparable and worked hard to graduate early from Biola University together. Seeing how nature and traveling are a major part of their lives, it was fitting to plan a destination wedding in Lake Arrowhead, California. Surrounded by there closest family

The ring is on your finger and the wedding planning has begun! With checklists to get through and schedules to stick to, it can be undeniably stressful. But, before you decide to elope, we're here to help. Once the guest list is complete, it's time to send a save the date. A save the date is a courteous way to let guests know the date and location of your wedding so they can plan to be there. With save the dates being a relatively new tradition, the etiquette can often be unclear. Today,

A destination wedding is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your marriage in a gorgeous location away from where you live. Sound expensive? Actually, it's not! Every marriage begins with a unique love story. If yours is filled with a passion for adventure, wanderlust, and a motivation to celebrate your own way, a destination wedding might be the key to an amazing wedding experience. If you find yourself debating "should we or shouldn't we" and need some further convincing to plan a destination wedding, here are ten more reasons for you! According to a recent survey from The

With engagements happening every which way you look, I wanted to take a moment to share with you a few tips for couples planning their engagement session. Last I blogged my thoughts on Why Have An Engagement Session? so I feel like today's post would be the perfect followup! We absolutely love photographing engagement sessions because it brings the perfect opportunity to get to  know our clients better. By the time your wedding day arrives, you will be comfortable in front of our cameras and know how to work it! Dress Like A Model One of the

It was the weekend, and one of the busiest times of the retail season. The glowing florescent lights, freshly folded clothes and buzzing energy made the day alive with possibilities. Trevor saw Mariah from across the room and watched her from a distance. It was his lunch break, and in a few moments of bravery, he crossed the polished Nordstrom floor to where Mariah was working in her department. It was her smile. Trevor was nervous as she caught his eye, but kept walking towards her. He decided to write his number on

They're dreamers, believers, and doers. They're the type of people who love to watch movies, eat good food and share a quiet night together. Breianne and Jeffrey met about six years ago at Church through mutual friends. They had a thing for each other right off the bat and dated briefly before life decided to temporarily lead them in different directions. Many months and states apart from each other later, they reconnected and rekindled their friendship through social media. Their love grew for each other, as did their increasing phone bills and they

The wedding day is one of the most important occasions in Persian culture. It is an event where all are invited, no expenses are spared and much feasting takes place. Soudeh and Bardiyah's wedding was no exception. It was a five star production, with not a detail missed. With their family and friends gathered around them, Soudeh and Bardiyah promised eternity together under a white canopy held by her bridesmaids. The rest of the evening was spent dancing and cheering to celebrate to what may have been the happiest couple in the

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