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They played against each other during co-ed softball in Fullerton. When Jereme noticed her from across the field he asked his friends about her. Unfortunately for him, she had a boyfriend at the time. So many weeks passed before they crossed paths again. After Kathleen ended her previous relationship, her friend encouraged her to get back in the dating game. Scrolling through Instagram, she stumbled across a photo of the guy from her softball game. She reminded her friend that she thought he was cute. Her friend casually passed on the compliment

Their mutual friends had met on and were throwing a Super Bowl party to celebrate. When Evan arrived, the first person he noticed was Talea. She was in a bathing suit, and he couldn't keep his eyes off of her! He was shy though and didn't approach her. Talea being fearless, decided to be the one to break the ice by offering him a chicken wing (that she secretly didn't like). At that point, Evan was pretty much in love - a girl in a bikini, at a party had offered

They officially met through mutual friends at their Huntington Beach high school. But even before that, Cassie knew of Michael. His friend lived in her neighborhood and borrowed her camera. When she got the camera back, and scrolled through the photos, there was a cute guy in one of them. One day, Cassie attempted to introduce herself and failed because he didn't hear her. She ended up awkwardly walking out of the room. But somehow, fate brought them together. After they had been dating for a while without actually having the title, someone

They met at a Christmas party over three years ago. The pine sweet smell of the tree ghosted through the room. The festive party was beautifully decorated for the holidays. People chatted excitedly with one another, their voices falling in and out like waves. But all of it faded away when Austin's eyes landed on Lindsay. As soon as he saw her, he knew he had to talk to her. Lindsay is the type of girl that makes you feel like you're the most special person in the world. And that's

When we arrived in Big Bear for Lauren and Andrew's engagement session, we stood in awe at the recent snowfall that blanketed everything. Stepping out of our car and hearing the distinctive crunch of snow underfoot, got our hearts racing. We knew we were in for some fun! The air was crisp but heavy with humidity as the snow was beginning to melt. As we made our way up the Castle Rock trail, the sound of rain was all around us.  Trapped in the branches of the fur tees, the

You know those couples, the ones that you immediately feel like you're best friends with? Well, that is Maddy and Charlie! When they met us for their engagement session last week - looking AMAZING, we might add - we just clicked! Just like us, they've known each other for over seven years. They officially met at a party in college, at University of San Diego. She was a year behind him and they were both political science majors. Ironically, they were both on the debate team as opposing party captains, democrat vs. republican. But,

Of all the students in his high school class, she stood out. Brett noticed Caroline's dark hair, and beautiful smile and knew she was different. He was intrigued and planned to get to know his classmate. When she left to study abroad in Europe, he missed her tremendously. He worked hard to save his lunch for an entire year, just to visit her there. When she returned home, they became inseparable. After years of dating, Caroline became much more than just his girlfriend. He knew it was time to make things official.

A few weeks ago, Leland contacted us from the East Coast to photograph his beach proposal here in Southern California. He and his girlfriend Carlee boarded a plane together for a surprise vacation. She had no idea where they were going, except that it was somewhere in California. Little did she know, he had been planning a secret proposal with us to photograph for weeks. On a perfect sunny day at Crystal Cove in Newport Beach, he got down on one knee to ask the girl of his dreams to

Enchanting redwood trees and the smell of the ocean- were the sights and scents of their hometown in San Francisco. They met their sophomore year of college when they lived in a sorority and frat house across the street from each other. Cassie thanked fate she was matched with Michael, the smartest and kindest guy she knew. Six years later, they are still madly in love and spent the afternoon with us laughing, dancing and snuggling up with each other. Cassie and Michael, you were so much fun to be around,

It was the weekend, and one of the busiest times of the retail season. The glowing florescent lights, freshly folded clothes and buzzing energy made the day alive with possibilities. Trevor saw Mariah from across the room and watched her from a distance. It was his lunch break, and in a few moments of bravery, he crossed the polished Nordstrom floor to where Mariah was working in her department. It was her smile. Trevor was nervous as she caught his eye, but kept walking towards her. He decided to write his number on

They met at a medical facility. Under the fluorescent lights, she sat in the waiting room. Marvin noticed Giselle's brown eyes and bright smile and knew she was different. He was intrigued and planned to get to know her. Marvin began writing her love letters and burning mix cds. Together they laughed, joked and wrote back and forth to each other. As luck would have it, he happened to work where she was getting her treatments. Going to the medical facility wasn't so bad anymore that she got to see his

We met Mike and Erika for drinks at a local bar in Laguna Beach to get to know each other. As young parents to their beautiful one year old daughter, London, they shared with us they hadn't been on a real date in a while. They were both excited to be able to spend the day just hanging out together. So many people walk this Earth with out ever finding true love, Mike and Erika are truly blessed. Many thanks to Southern California Bride for featuring us on their blog today, we are absolutely

On a Wednesday night at a Young Life Church event, Teagan and Jesse were introduced to each other - in their pajamas. A movie was playing in the background, but all they could do was focus on resisting the urge to steal flirtatious glances at each other. After the movie ended, they talked for hours together standing in the parking lot. Reluctantly agreeing it was time to go home, they drove off in separate cars. Minutes later, they ended up at the same stop light, side by side. "Can I

In her junior year at UCLA, Sophronia took a trip out to Lake Havisu with her friends during Spring Break. Looking forward to a week full of sunshine, water and relaxation, she had no idea what the stars had aligned for her. While relaxing on her vacation, a kind mutual friend decided to introduce Sophronia to Mazen. Right away, she was captivated by his infectious smile and buzzing energy. His adventurous spirit had drawn him to Lake Havisu during that Spring Break and seeing Sophronia there made it that much better. Sometimes life does

The first time Anastasya laid eyes on Joey was over sushi with some friends. From the very first moment, she couldn't resist his charming smile. She was new to California, leaving behind her hometown in Virginia and was in the mood to meet new friends. Little did she know, Joey would become much more than just her friend. She bravely asked for a sip of his soda, just so their lips would touch the same bottle. It was electrifying! He made her wild, and she loved it. A few days

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