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Are You Breaking These 7 Rules Of Etiquette In Facebook Groups?

August 31, 2016

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Facebook groups are an amazing way to connect with other bloggers and creative entrepreneurs online. We have met some of our greatest online friends by interacting in them. They are a safe place to as questions, and get feedback.

We just launched our own Facebook group The Moose Lounge, to foster a community of creative entrepreneurs and bloggers that want to grow their business. We look forward to watching the growth of this group, and all that it will offer.

Today we are going to share 7 rules of etiquette you must use before joining any Facebook groups.

Are You Breaking These 7 Rules Of Etiquette In Facebook Groups?

#1 Know And Respect The Rules

There are rules for a reason. They might suck sometimes, but they maintain order amongst the chaos.

Some groups are strictly for promoting content, while others aim to provide more value and build lasting relationships. The last thing you want to do is break a rule and get kicked out. Right?!

As the group grows, there is more work for the administrators to do, and therefore stricter rules. The rules ensure a good atmosphere for everyone to be in.

Most groups will have rules or guidelines either in the description or in a pinned post to the top. Make sure to read them, and follow them.

#2 Be Nice

Let’s just remind ourselves of the Golden Rule : do to others what you want them to do to you. Ok?

There is absolutely NO reason to ever be rude or arrogant in a Facebook group.

Everyone is at a different level in their business. Although you might think a question is pretty self explanatory, it might not be to the person who asked it.

Use your expertise on the topic, and help them out! Not only will they be incredibly grateful, but it will build your authority on the subject.

Put yourself in their shoes, and remember the struggle you went through to get to where you are now. Sometimes people just need to be pointed in the right direction.

#3 Be Helpful

Owning a business comes with many challenges. Although being your own boss can be empowering, it can also be daunting. In the beginning, you will have many questions that need answering. Facebook groups are wonderful places to find answers.

As your business grows, you will find that you have an arsenal of information stored on your topic.

In order to establish credibility, you must be helpful to others. Click To Tweet

Answer questions and provide feedback on topics that you are knowledgeable of. Over time, people will begin to see you as the authority on the subject, and seek you for advice.

Think of your blog as your library of knowledge that you obtained over the years. That way, if someone poses a question in a Facebook group, you can give them a short answer and include a link to your more in-depth blog post if they would like to learn more.

This creates a win-win situation. They get their problem solved, and you gain blog traffic!

Make sure the blog post is relevant and packed with helpful information. If not, people will hate that you wasted their time, and treat your link as spam.

#4 Interact Regularly

When you join a Facebook group, you become part of the community. Stay active, and interact regularly.

Progress can’t be made if the group is full of observers. Speak up, and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion, or ask questions.

Lastly, always give more than you receive. You will not only build up your karma bank, but people will begin to notice you! People are curious, and will want to know where else you hang out.

#5 Don’t Just Promote

It’s very obvious when people only pop in to promote themselves, then leave. This doesn’t add value to anyone, and you are simply wasting everyones time.

Participate in Facebook groups regularly during the week - not just on promo days. Click To Tweet

If you join groups solely for the purpose of promoting yourself, you won’t win any new friends. Build connections and always reciprocate the support you gain.

Often times, promotional content is entirely against the Facebook group rules. Always refer back to the rules to avoid getting the boot.

There are groups set up specifically for promoting your links, but if you aren’t in one of those, please post your promotions sparingly.

#6 Use The Search

Please, please, please use the search feature before asking a question. You can find it on the top right under the cover photo of the Facebook group.

If a group is well established and has been around for awhile, your question has bound to have been answered before!

For example :

How do I come up with a name for my business?

How to buy a domain name?

What is the best hosting to use for my blog?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to know the answers to these questions, but please respect the groups time by not being repetitive.

If you DO use the search bar to find previous posts about your question, and find it is outdated, then by all means, ask again! Sometimes asking again will gain you a fresh perspective from new members.

#7 Stay Focused

Facebook Groups can be time consuming. Focus on the groups that you feel will benefit you the most.

Participate regularly, but don’t let them distract you from your end goal.

It’s easier to get to know people when you aren’t in hundreds of Facebook groups. You will start to recognize people and become familiar with the community.

Choose the Facebook groups that surround your niche, and start connecting!

Don’t know which Facebook groups to join? We’ve compiled a list of 30 groups just for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers like you! Click here to go to the post now.

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