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This week we decided to focus on the plumbing. The process of putting together the entire system turned out to be a much bigger project than we ha originally thought. We had to figure out where the water was going to come into the trailer and what path it would take once inside. We tried […]

Ahh the heat has finally broke here in Newport Beach and we can finally work on our Airstream without sweating so much! If you missed our Airstream renovation update last week, you can catch up here. Today begins the framing of our kitchen dinette table. In the picture below, we’ve used painters tape to indicate […]

It’s  been just over a year now since we originally bought our 1976 Land Yacht Sovereign Airstream to renovate. If you haven’t been following along, it has been an incredible journey so far! You can catch up here on the blog, or on Instagram @airstreamnomad. People from all over the world ask us questions, and cheer us […]

This week we chose to focus on the lighting and window screens for the entire trailer. If you missed last week’s airstream renovation update, you can read it here. We ordered bulbs for ceiling lights, LED puck lights and an adorable little lamp shade for the bathroom. It’s so exciting to see it turning into […]

This week consisted of a bunch of small tasks that will make a huge impact in the long run. We are on the home stretch for finishing the interior to the point that we can lay down faux hardwood, and install our new appliances. I know I have said that several times now, but I […]

While some of you have been following our Airstream renovation since it’s early days (beginning of August 2015), many of you are fairly new readers. To help you through the overwhelming archives, we’ve compiled a timeline. Please don’t try to go through all of these posts at once, there are days and days worth of […]

One of the hardest lessons we have learned with renovating this vintage airstream trailer, is that money will at some point become an issue, and run out. As you may have noticed, we haven’t posted any airstream renovation updates lately. We had to take a break to save up again! We have however, been able […]

We have been so busy this last month, we haven’t had much time to work on the Airstream trailer renovation! We have only been up a handful of times, but have definitely been making more progress that is now a bit more visible to the eye. If you’ve missed our last progress update, you can check it […]

This week in our 1976 Airstream renovation, we are back to the electrical! My grandpa created a custom 7 pin wire so we can now tow our Airstream to it’s new home when we are ready! Things are finally appearing to be coming along… It rained the other day and we unfortunately found our first […]

These past few weeks have been insane! We have gotten so much done with our Airstream, it’s pretty incredible. I think we might even break a world record here for the fastest vintage Airstream renovation! Wouldn’t that be cool?! This week we have a bunch of miscellaneous things to do to get the trailer to […]

This week we are scrambling to finish as much as possible. Over the summer we subleased a townhouse with two other roommates, and our lease ends this weekend! When we bought our vintage Airstream, we thought we would be mostly doing cosmetic work, and rebuilding the furniture, but it ended up being a lot more […]

Week 2 has been all about the electrical components of our Airstream. Since we aren’t electricians, and don’t even want to attempt to tackle such a serious job on our own, we called in for help. My grandparents graciously dedicated a week with us to help repair all the wires, reroute them, and make them […]

Back in the 1920’s, a man name Wally Byam built the world’s first Airstream trailer. It began as a tent contraption that he built on a Model T chassis. After suffering through several rain storms, he decided a more permanent structure would be more beneficial and replaced the tent with a teardrop shaped shell to the […]

Today begins week 1 for our 1976 Land Yacht Sovereign Airstream renovation! We are so excited to get started on the demolition. Hammers, power drill, and masks are the essentials for today as we determine what to remove first. Our plan is to strip the Airstream to the bare aluminum to gain access to the […]

So umm….you know how it seems everyone is the universe is getting married right now? (At least to us it does since we are wedding photographers.) Well, we skipped that step for now and bought a home…and we can finally talk about it!! As some of you might not know, we’ve been searching for a home […]

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