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In October 2015, on a brisk fall afternoon at a party, Ryan laid eyes on the most radiant woman he had ever seen, Emily. She had a twine-thin body, with a tapered waist. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on her sweeping eyelashes. Her shadow-black hair tumbled over her shoulders. He was captivated by her bouncy […]

They met at a medical facility. Under the fluorescent lights, she sat in the waiting room. Marvin noticed Giselle’s brown eyes and bright smile and knew she was different. He was intrigued and planned to get to know her. Marvin began writing her love letters and burning mix cds. Together they laughed, joked and wrote back […]

San Juan Capistrano Engagement Pictures by Moose Studio Photography

The first time Anastasya laid eyes on Joey was over sushi with some friends. From the very first moment, she couldn’t resist his charming smile. She was new to California, leaving behind her hometown in Virginia and was in the mood to meet new friends. Little did she know, Joey would become much more than […]

San Juan Capistrano Caspers Wilderness Park Engagement Session | Moose Studio Destination Wedding Photography

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