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Victoria, British Columbia has long been on my bucket list for travel destinations, so when we boarded the first ferry out from Tsawwassen terminal in Vancouver, Canada the excitement started to grow. Victoria is the island’s biggest city and capital of British Columbia. The city has everything from wildlife, fascinating history and culture, and delicious food. Add in […]

Today Josh and I are flying from LAX to Vancouver, Canada to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. The flight is about three hours long, which is just enough time to grow restless on the plane. Crying kids, flushing toilets, various people coughing, terrible snacks, and small seats are some of the things we all struggle with […]

Phone apps tend to make our life easier. From booking flights, finding things to do or helping us pack, apps work hard to simplify everything. What used to take guidebooks, maps and concierges to do, is now streamlined from a single device – your cell phone. There are countless travel apps out there, but we’re here to […]

Decide Where You Want To Go This may seem pretty obvious, but it actually can be quite a daunting task. There are so many beautiful places in this world, it can be hard to decide where you want to go first. I personally have a list that I keep in my journal of all the […]

Salty air. Sandy toes. Warm golden rays of light. This is probably what you have in mind when you think of Southern California. On average, we get over 150 days of sunshine a year. Snow?! It wouldn’t happen in a million years…or so I thought. Despite all odds, in the middle of the night last week, winter arrived.  The […]

Winter In Southern California

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