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Let’s just start by saying, DAMN – Makenzie and Brandon look like models. Don’t you think?! She’s a cheerleader for the Utah Jazz team and he’s currently a med student. We’re so excited to share that this Thomas S Monson Center engagement session has been featured on Rocky Mountain Bride! Take a walk back in […]


After trekking through the amazing Zion National Park yesterday, we decided to drive to Bryce Canyon National Park today. The park is known for it’s majestic hoodoos; hoodoos are sandstone pillars formed over time from erosion. Bryce Canyon is relatively small, so you are able to see a lot in one day, but there’s enough to do that […]

Last night we arrived in Zion National Park. Barely. On the drive from our home in Newport Beach, Ca to Utah we got hit with a crazy hail/snow storm. As luck would have it, the car needed gas, and one of us had to get out and stand in the cold to pump it. To be fair, we decided […]

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