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Alyssa and Tracy threw a classy wedding at The 5th Floor Utah and we couldn’t be more obsessed with the venue. This brand new wedding venue in Ogden, Utah, with 20 foot ceilings, whitewashed bricks and natural light flooding in from the windows was a photographers dream to shoot at. With complimenting crisp whites, soft […]

Over eight years ago, Brooke and Bennett met through mutual friends at their high school. After chasing each other for several years, Bennett finally made a move and asked her to be his girlfriend – they dated for five loooong years. Their love story is one of patience, persistence and many prayers. On the day he proposed, […]

Their wedding day began with the sounds of birds chirping in the palm trees of Newport beach, California. Carly and Kylor have carved a space in the world that belongs to wherever they call home. They ensured their friends and family they were not only invited to see them exit the Newport Beach Mormon Temple, […]

Mormon Wedding at San Juan Hills Country Club in Orange County, California.

They met in college a few years back. Mike was enamored by Namrata’s beauty and couldn’t get her out of his mind. He pursued her, talking to her on the phone nearly every night. He needed her. She made him feel alive. After several years of chasing her around the globe in her endless travels, he got down […]

Indian Wedding at Malibu West Beach Club in Malibu, California.

They met in college. Over nine years ago in a dorm room. Five years later, they decided to study abroad together in London. When they weren’t studying for their classes, they adventured throughout Europe. As a child, Peter had become a professional jump roper, and had traveled quite a bit for his sport. Amanda on the other […]

Los Angeles Wedding at 440 Seaton in Los Angeles, California

He cried when she walked down the aisle towards him. Big tears, that slid slowly down his cheeks as he wore a look of sheer bliss. Which, if you knew Geoff, he would swear up and down to you that would never happen. She smiled brightly at him, giving him a subtle nod of reassurance as she continued […]

Jewish wedding at Lakehouse Resort & Hotel Country Club in San Marcos, California

On a warm and sunny day in Temecula, California, Nicole and Trevor stood in front of a beautiful fountain with their friends and family to bind their love for eternity. They glowed with happiness as they read each other their own vows, promising to never leave each other’s side. Nicole and Trevor, your love makes those around you […]

Blush and Neutral Tones Wedding at Menifee Lakes Country Club in Menifee, California

On a beautiful sunny day, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California Rebecca and Georges tied the Knot. They looked, and loved like they were straight out of the 1940’s. Years of courtship, and wooing, Georges was finally able to marry his gorgeous bride. It is isn’t often that we cry at weddings, but the […]

Beach Wedding at Malibu West Beach Club in Malibu, California.

I love Mormon weddings. I really do. They are always classy, beautiful and full of genuine love. Maybe it’s the Newport Beach Temple that made this particular Mormon wedding so magical. The stained glass windows, the green grass and the tall palm trees make it feel like paradise. Or maybe, it’s simply the good vibes that seem to circulate […]

Mormon Wedding at Newport Beach Temple in Orange County, California

They passed each other in the halls of their high school as teenagers until one day fate decided to bring them together. Rachel and Josh spent the last two years of high school afternoons and weekends enjoying each other’s company. When it came time for college, they had become inseparable and worked hard to graduate early […]

Lake Arrowhead Wedding at Alpine Camp and Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead, California.

The ring is on your finger and the wedding planning has begun! With checklists to get through and schedules to stick to, it can be undeniably stressful. But, before you decide to elope, we’re here to help. Once the guest list is complete, it’s time to send a save the date. A save the date is a courteous […]

The Ultimate Guide To Save The Date Etiquette

A destination wedding is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your marriage in a gorgeous location away from where you live. Sound expensive? Actually, it’s not! Every marriage begins with a unique love story. If yours is filled with a passion for adventure, wanderlust, and a motivation to celebrate your own way, a destination wedding might be the key to […]

10 Reasons You Should Have A Destination Wedding

They’re dreamers, believers, and doers. They’re the type of people who love to watch movies, eat good food and share a quiet night together. Breianne and Jeffrey met about six years ago at Church through mutual friends. They had a thing for each other right off the bat and dated briefly before life decided to temporarily lead them […]

Marina Del Rey Wedding Wedding at Marina Del Rey Hotel in Orange County, Canada

The wedding day is one of the most important occasions in Persian culture. It is an event where all are invited, no expenses are spared and much feasting takes place. Soudeh and Bardiyah’s wedding was no exception. It was a five star production, with not a detail missed. With their family and friends gathered around them, […]

Persian wedding at Mission San Juan Capistrano in Orange County, California

She waited patiently. Her whole life. Because she was certain that one day her true prince charming would appear in her life. And he did… On a gorgeous overcast day in Austin, Texas, Arabella and Jamie married at The Vineyards at Chappel Lodge surrounded by fields of wildflowers and majestic Texas oak trees. Their love was […]

Italian Vineyard Wedding at The Vineyards at Chappel Lodge in Austin, Texas

These two…what can I say? They were just incredible people and made me choke up during their thank you speeches. Matt’s family graciously let them host their wedding day event at their private residence in Pasadena, California.  The entire day was centered around their love and family. A spectacular ceremony held on the front lawn […]

Intimate Backyard Wedding in Orange County, California

I’ve been trying to write this blog post for hours, and I can’t put into words how special this Orange County backyard wedding was to me. My mother, Giselle, married her fiance last month in their backyard. Their wedding day was nothing short of perfection. In its colorful simplicity, it was absolutely gorgeous and we […]

Orange and Gold Backyard Wedding in Orange County, California

On a gorgeously overcast day in Southern California, Austin and Amanda married at the Giracci Vineyards surrounded by stunning willow trees, a barn, and sunflowers. Their love, much like the oversized willow trees, was stood proudly for all to see and admire. Austin and Amanda, my heart bursts with happiness for the two of you. Despite all your hardships and […]

Outdoor Barn Wedding at Giracci Vineyards in Orange County, California.

Upon landing in Canada yesterday, Josh’s grandparents graciously picked us up from the airport. We arrived a day prior to our destination wedding at Summerhill Pyramid Winery to spend some time with them. I almost forgot where we were when we woke up this morning. Nothing but peaceful silence filled my ears. A welcoming change from the constant hum […]

Today has been one of those days where I feel like I am dreaming. Time is just flying by, and I am standing still in the middle of it. Has that ever happened to you?! It’s honestly one of the most bizarre feelings. In reality, we have been running around like crazy since the New Year started, […]

Flying To Canada For Our First Destination Wedding

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