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Our Must Have ONA Camera Bag For Traveling

September 11, 2015

Filed in: Travel

We travel often for our destination weddings, and we are always trying to fit all of our camera gear into a bag efficiently as possible. Especially when it comes to flying. We need to make sure we have our eyes on our gear at all times – no checking bags for us!

Up until recently, we used our Lowe Pro Runner backpack simply because that is all we had. We loved it because it was durable, waterproof and overhead storage compliant. However, we wanted something a little more stylish. Not just a durable bag, but one that would compliment our brand without advertising that we are photographers. Today, we are sharing our ONA camera bag review, and why we love them so much. 

ona bag

We needed a camera bag for both wedding days and traveling that would hold the following :

While walking by a small camera shop here in Orange County, we noticed the smell of rich cowhide leather filling the air. So naturally, we had to investigate! It came from a brand called ONA. In Swahili, the word ONA (pronounced ō’na) means, “to feel,” “to believe,” and “to experience with the eyes.” This is the very essence of photography, and the type of bag that makes your proud to wear it. We love that about it.

The ONA bag we choose, The Leather Prince Street, can fit two lenses and my camera body, my wallet, cell phone, spare batteries, and my flash. It’s almost crazy how much space is inside it – but anyone who spends weekends away from home – and loves photography – knows that size is of great importance.

Honestly, we are so happy to have come across this bag and feel quite lucky that we can share it’s beauty with all of you.

In need of a new camera bag for wedding days?! Check out ours :

or have a look at the full collection of ONA camera bags.

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  1. Deanna says:

    I love that bag! It rememinds me of one my dad used to have when I was a child!

  2. Aliza B says:

    I have been looking for a bag for my photography equipment. This seems like it would be absolutely perfect. Would it have room for a fold up tripod?

  3. Alicia Snow says:

    That bag is perfection!! Always looking for a great new bag!

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