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The Broad Museum In Los Angeles

April 14, 2016

Filed in: Travel

Every since I was little, I’ve had this fascination with things that are abnormally tiny or large. I have a collection of photographs that I have been curating during my travels of these abnormally sized items. It sounds strange, and it probably is, but it entertains me and that’s all that matters! In my photo collection, I have a chair that is so tall you can walk under it, fork and knives that are taller than me, etc. Long story short, when I heard about the giant balloon dog on display at The Broad Museum in Los Angeles, I of course had to see it!

Since its opening in September 2015, The Broad Museum has received thousands of visitors, and for good reason. The bi-level, 120,000 square foot building boasts over 2,000 works of art collected by Eli and Edye Broad. The post-war collection is one of the largest in the world and features some amazing artists including Andy Warhol, and Jeff Koons.

The best part? The Broad Museum is completely FREE. And you are allowed to take photos inside. Pretty amazing, right?! So without further ado – here’s a few photos to add to my abnormally sized objects collection!




Have you visited The Broad Museum before? What was your favorite piece?

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