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The Last Bookstore

July 2, 2015

Filed in: Travel

This place was so RAD. If you have ever read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, The Last Bookstore would be heaven to you. If it really was the last bookstore, I think I would be ok with that. The walls were lined with books, the ceilings lined with books, even secret hidden vaulted rooms lined with books!! What began as a small bookstore in a Downtown Los Angeles loft, is now a 20,000 square foot building with cathedral like ceilings in the Spring Arts Tower at 5th & Spring street.

the last bookstore-loa angeles-california

Before it was The Last Bookstore, it was an old bank building complete with marble columns and vaulted doors, which they have incorporated into the design of the bookstore. Spotlights illuminate the midnight blue walls giving the shop a cozy atmosphere.

the last bookstore-loa angeles-california

You could spend hours in this place perusing the rows and rows of books. Part of the bookstore is dedicated to bins with vintage records for sale. I recently was gifted a portable Crosley vinyl record player last Christmas and have been obsessed with the old school sound ever since.

the last bookstore-vinyl records-record player-lox angeles-california

Along the window was a row of old cassette players, guitars and other vintage items with the middle gutted and replaced with a plant. So adorable!

the last bookstore-vintage-cassette player-los angeles-california

Upstairs, there is an art gallery and a tiny shop to buy vintage ties, necklaces, and any other items they may have at the moment.

the last bookstore-loa angeles-california

Continuing around the corner you run into a labyrinth of books that feel like a scene from Alice in Wonderland, with holes in the bookshelves and tunnels made of books.

the last bookstore-loa angeles-california

No matter how far we dive into the digital realm with iPad’s and Kindle’s, I will always leave a piece of me within the pages of my books. There is just something about the smell, and feel of holding a paper book in your hands. And honestly, they just look cool, on display, ready to be picked up and flipped through!

What do you prefer- paper books or a digital reader?

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  1. Michelle H says:

    I have to add this to my travel list-it looks like heaven!

  2. I love both–depends on where I am reading! Outside, at the beach or by a swimming pool, paper books. Reading before bed–my Nook. I adore bookstores though, and loved all of the photos in your post!

  3. Ok, as an avid old-school book lover and a bona fide hippie chick, I am so putting this on my to-do list for next summer, when I take a break from my MA and PhD classes. Thank you for such a wonderful blog!

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