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10 Reasons You Should Have A Destination Wedding

July 9, 2015

A destination wedding is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your marriage in a gorgeous location away from where you live. Sound expensive? Actually, it’s not! Every marriage begins with a unique love story. If yours is filled with a passion for adventure, wanderlust, and a motivation to celebrate your own way, a destination wedding might be the key to an amazing wedding experience. If you find yourself debating “should we or shouldn’t we” and need some further convincing to plan a destination wedding, here are ten more reasons for you!

10 Reasons You Should Have A Destination Wedding

According to a recent survey from The Knot, the average American couple spends over $30,000 on their wedding. In urban area’s such as New York City and Los Angeles, the average is even higher. Just think of the amazing vacation you could take together with that amount of money!

1. You Can Say “I Do” Anywhere

Find a place that has meaning to you. Today, couples have the freedom to get married all over the world. Choosing the “destination” part of the wedding, is just as important as the venue and can be fun! From laid back beach hotels, exotic islands, mountain ski-resorts, European castles to lush vineyards, the possibilities are seemingly limitless. A destination wedding is the perfect opportunity to visit a place you have always wanted to travel to.

2. You’ll Stand Out

Transporting your friends and family to a beautiful, far away location to witness a bonding of two soul mates, definitely has a magical appeal to it. Destination weddings are a unique way to stand out among all the at home weddings.

3. You Can Be Adventurous

Do you like trying new things? If you haven’t tried snorkeling (I haven’t!), water-skiing, or  surfing, a destination wedding would be the perfect opportunity. Or maybe you want to spend some time in the mountains strapping ski’s to your feet and gliding down the powdery snow. Whatever you have been dying to try, there is a location out there waiting for you to get married AND try new adventurous activities.

Depending on the location, a venue can include a variety of activities such as horseback riding, hang gliding, zip lining, mountain hiking, biking, golf, tennis or skiing. Sounds like fun to me!

4. Plan With Ease

Most destination wedding venues provide all inclusive packages to help make the wedding planning process as easy and convenient as possible. Some venues even include a free weekend stay so couples can come and discuss how to customize their wedding. Most importantly, a destination wedding will save you time! Think of the months and months you would spend coordinating your at home wedding, and cut in half. Then half again. Some destination wedding venues even include a wedding coordinator for you to set up your entire ceremony, reception and accommodations via phone or email.

5. Flexibility (To Do It Your Way)

The most beautiful thing about destination weddings is that you make the rules. If you don’t want to have a garter toss, don’t! Instead, create your own traditions, and personalize the wedding to what YOU like.

Same goes for the dress code. Home town weddings usually don a traditional dress code. At a destination wedding, you can toss out the conventional attire and make the event as formal or casual as you want. Nowhere does it say no flip flops or sandals allowed. You could even just go barefoot altogether!

6. Limit The Guest List

A destination wedding can be an intimate affair with just the two of you, or include your closest family and friends as well. You have the opportunity to invite only the people you truly want to come.

 7. Travel Perks

To receive special treatment, let the airline, hotel and any other vendors you will be using know in advance that you are getting married. Most vendors will offer various group discounts, perks and rewards depending on how many people plan to travel with you to your destination wedding. Some hotels will really take care of you with a fruit basket, bottle of sparkling wine and even chocolate dipped strawberries. Yum!

8. Cost Effective

The expense of a hometown wedding is a strong incentive to make you want to have a destination wedding. On average, the cost of a destination wedding is about 40 percent less than a traditional wedding near home. If the wedding venue is in a spectacular location, you might even be able to save on flower and decor as well.

9. More Time To Celebrate

A traditional at home wedding usually lasts between five and seven hours, longer if you have events other than the ceremony and reception. A destination wedding can last over three or more days, it all depends on what you are  looking to do with your friends and family while you there.

10. Start The Honeymoon Early

When time and money are important considerations, having a destination wedding prelude a honeymoon is one of the most cost effective options you can make. Instead of stressing to rush to the airport the day after your wedding, you will already be where you want to be! You will already be unpacked, relaxed and ready to have fun!


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