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12 Essential Getting Ready Details For Your Wedding Day

April 20, 2016

Photographing the getting ready details is one of our favorite parts of the wedding day because it allows us to prepare for the rest of the day. This is when the couple gets ready separately, surrounded by their family, friends and bridal party. We like to photograph a bride’s details in a way that matches and showcases the style of the entire wedding day. Before we arrive, we ask the brides to gather any details they have so that we can walk in, say hello and begin!

We usually start with the brides dress, and end with the couple’s wedding rings. Once the details are photographed, we focus more on the relationships and moments in the room. Today we are sharing a few tips to better prepare for getting ready on your wedding day, and a checklist to keep you organized.

12 Essential Getting Ready Details For Your Wedding DayThe Dress

One of the most important details of the wedding day! Your wedding dress deserves to be hung on an elegant hanger to showcase it’s beautiful design. We highly recommend you find a custom one that you can have as a keepsake after your special day.

Wedding Rings

Make sure to keep all 3 of them in the morning. Moms, officiants and wedding planners will recommend you hand the rings over the the best man, but we disagree. While you’re getting your hair and makeup done, we can take a moment to photograph the rings all together. There aren’t many other opportunities to do this during the rest of the day because we hate to ask couples to take them off right after they have said “I Do!”

Veil and Hair Pieces

Since 90% of our couples opt for a First Look, we highly recommend that the bride only wear her veil when she comes down the aisle. The veil will be something new for your groom to see when you’re walking down the aisle. Another reason to save the veil is so we can get some “Just Married” portraits after you have exchanged your vows. Every bride needs a blowing in the wind photo!


We looove to photograph shoes. They really showcase the bride’s personality and can tie together all the other details of the wedding day. Most brides end up removing their shoes when it’s time to dance, so photographing them in the morning is a must.


Not every bride will wear earrings, but they look really elegant when paired with the wedding dress. We always make sure to photograph them separately, and as the bride puts them on.

Like earrings, not every wedding dress can accommodate a necklace. However, we always recommend that you have all your jewelry ready for us to photography.

Silk Bride Robe

While you’re getting ready, a silk bride robe is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Not only will you look super cute in it, but it will be documented in all your wedding photos while you’re getting your hair and makeup done.

Borrowed & Blue

The borrowed and blue items are always really special for us to photograph. We love hearing the story behind where they came from and who they belong to.


Keepsakes can be a note or present that your groom has given to you to open. We love to photograph you opening it to see your reaction to the surprise.


We love photographing bride’s perfume bottles. Each bride has a different scent that they adore and it’s nice to include a photo of the one she wore on her wedding day,


The wedding invitations are a beautiful way to tie the entire day together. It sets the tone and style for the day.

Bridal Bouquet

If you’re having trouble making a decision about your florals, we recommend making your bridal bouquet a big priority. When we’re photographing a wedding, if the bride has a gorgeous bouquet, we can make the entire day look like there were beautiful florals everywhere! The bridal bouquet is a focal point for us when it comes to photography and we highly recommend getting your DREAM bouquet and investing less on the bridesmaids bouquets since they won’t be photographed as much.


Many brides need a place to put their cell phone, lip balm, touch up makeup and mints. We recommend having a pretty clutch or purse that matches your wedding dress to store your personal belongings in. You can have your maid of honor or close relative hold on to it for you during the ceremony.


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