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The One Thing Every Bride Forgets On Their Wedding Day

April 28, 2016

When planning a wedding, no detail can be deemed too small. You’ve spent thousands of dollars to ensure your wedding day will be absolutely perfect. However, after shooting destination weddings for over 3 years now, we’ve noticed nearly every bride we’ve worked with, has always forgotten this one thing that can make a huge difference to your wedding photos : the wedding dress hanger. Today we wanted to offer a few tips to ensure your wedding dress is honored the way it should be on your special day.

The One Thing Every Bride Forgets On Their Wedding Day - Wedding Dress Hanger

You’ve spent months trying to find the wedding dress you will wear on your special day, and now you finally have it in your possession! When your wedding day arrives, one of the first things we ask for is the wedding dress. We can’t help but cringe when we see the dress still stuffed into the slip, wrinkled and still with the tags on it.

It is an absolute shame to leave it on the plastic hanger it comes on. The same cheap, hangers that you see a shirt hanging on at a retail store. It makes no sense to use!

Plastic hangers not only look cheap, but are extremely unattractive in photos. The photographs we capture will be archived for generations to come. A gorgeous gown deserves to be displayed beautifully for heirloom photographs. Having a custom wedding dress hanger on hand ensures that you won’t have to worry!

Honor your wedding dress by taking it out of the slip first thing on the morning of your wedding day. Have a bridesmaid help you steam it if necessary and hang it somewhere safe on your new custom wedding dress hanger.

Tip: Make sure the custom wedding dress hanger you choose has notches to hold the dress properly. Many wedding dresses are very heavy, so make sure that the hanger is strong enough to hold up your dress!

Wooden, satin padded or custom wire twisted name hangers personalize your wedding photos. A quick online and you will find numerous sites that sell custom wedding dress hangers to choose from.

Here are 7 custom wedding dress hanger options to add the finishing touch to your wedding day photos :

  1. Wedding Date and Future Last Name Hanger ($20)
  2. Luxurious Satin Padded Hanger ($11)
  3. Bride To be Wedding Dress Hanger ($27)
  4. Wood Burned Wedding Dress Hanger ($10)
  5. Rhinestone Wedding Dress Hanger ($34)
  6. BHLDN Wedding Dress Hanger ($34)
  7. BHLDN French Wedding Dress Hanger ($30)

Want to ensure your bridesmaids dresses get photographed beautifully too? Buy them each a custom bridesmaids dress hanger for them to have as a keepsake after the wedding.

So toss those plastic hangers, and find yourself beautiful custom dress hangers that you can keep as part of the memorabilia from your special day.



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  1. Mary says:

    Great tip! I was married years ago, but I would still love the hanger with the date and my married name on it. I will be passing this post along to a few friends.

  2. Barb says:

    WOW I never thought of this on my wedding day but you are so right. It’s going to be in the pictures and looks so bad in a plastic hanger!

  3. Brittany says:

    I have seen these in photos, but never knew where people bought them. Thanks!

  4. Rachel says:

    I had a destination wedding and brought the hanger. I also find if you are doing destination weddings, they usually have a plush fancy silk one if you ask the hotel concierge. So weird people would forget this…

  5. Rae says:

    I never would have thought of that. My dress came on a vintage wood hanger from the dress shop and I was perfectly pleased with how the photos came out. Then again, photos of my dress weren’t really my focus. Great suggestion, though!

  6. Billiejo says:

    How true the amount of amazing pictures I see from people getting married on my Facebook with the one picture of the dress hung up on a black plastic hanger it certainly doesn’t do the dress any justice! Love this post

  7. This is such a great tip – and something I would have never thought of before reading this! I am glad that when I get married I will remember this! Also love your links to hangers – great ideas :)

  8. Shannon says:

    This is ? % correct and defiantly overlooked! I was the one with the plastic hanger, luckily I had my dress on before the photographer arrived! Lol.

  9. Anmaria says:

    I wish I read your post before my wedding…but its so true. Luckily my wedding dress picture still looks pretty.

  10. I wish I had bought a custom dress hanger. We ended up hanging it on a laundry line (loved the look) so it spared me the terrible photo with a plastic hanger, but still. Live and learn!

  11. Joanna says:

    I had custom hangers and they really made the pictures so much better!

  12. Gina says:

    You are so right!! I can’t believe I didn’t think about this for my wedding day.

  13. Sharon says:

    So true! I was lucky enough to remember to get a custom hanger for my dress. But I’ve seen many photos that have a boring, plain old hanger. It just distracts from the gorgeous dress. Not cute

  14. Kari says:

    Haha. Definitely didn’t think about the hanger! I’m getting married this summer. I will have to remember to use a hanger I want in photos.

  15. courtney says:

    I’m getting married in july and I hadn’t even considered a hanger! Now i need to get one asap!

    La Belle Sirene 

  16. I didn’t have a wedding but I always said if and when I do I wanted a custom hanger with my name on it. I saw some cute ones online. this is a great tip because the plastic hangers in pics do look a bit tacky.

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