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How To Quickly Conquer The Wording For Wedding Thank You Notes

March 8, 2017

After the wedding day is over, and all the gifts have been opened, it’s time to say thank you. When we first heard about people texting instead of sending a traditional post-wedding thank you note, we thought it was a joke. Despite being a part of the millennial generation, we think that trend needs to stop. As in, now. If someone gifts you a physical object, it’s common courtesy to write them a physical thank you note for it.

While it’s easy for wedding thank you notes to make you feel overwhelmed and anxious, it’s definitely doable. As long as you can muster up some heartfelt words, you can get everything written and mailed in a week. Today, we will share our simple wording for wedding thank you notes so you can get them done quickly.

How To Write Thank You Notes For Your Wedding Gifts

The wording for wedding thank you notes can sometimes be tricky. Depending on the gift, there are a few variations of what to say. Here is generic wording for wedding thank you notes that you can tweak depending on what you are thanking the person for.


Dear ______ and  ______ ,

Greet the recipient by name. Make sure you spell their names correctly (this is super important).

Tell Them Why You’re Writing

 ______  and I wanted to thank you for celebrating with us a few weeks ago!

Thank them for the gift or act of service they provided you with. Keep it short and sweet.

Mention The Gift

We really love the the new  ______ you gave us.

Say something nice about the gift or act of service.

We really appreciate your generous wedding gift. 

If they gave you cash, avoid mentioning the amount. Instead use the words generous gift.

Tell Them How You Will Use The Gift

They really brighten up our new home and keep it smelling fresh. 

Tell them how you plan to use the gift or act of service and describe the impact it had on you.

As you know, we’re saving for a down payment, and we appreciate your support. 

Celebrate The Past + Future

We’re so happy you made it to our wedding. It really meant a lot to us that you were there. Looking forward to seeing you again at  ______.

Remind them of the importance of their presence, and when you expect to see them again. If they are a stranger to you, acknowledge that, but mention that you are happy you met.

My mom has spoken so fondly of you over the years. We are so glad that we finally got to meet you. 

Thank Them Again

Thank you again for helping us to get started in our new married life together. We are truly _______ to be surrounded by such great family and friends. 

You can never say thank you enough! Express your sincere gratitude and appreciation.



 ______ and  ______

Be sure to sign your names at the bottom of the thank you note. If you know them personally, write ‘Yours Truly’ or ‘Love.’ For those that are aquiantences, sign with ‘Sincerely.’

What was one of your favorite wedding gifts that you received?



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  1. Heidi says:

    Great advice here! Share how you will use the gift is perfect and helps people know that the gift was appreciated.

    We received many picture frames and steak knives for your wedding. The frame from my sister is one of my favorites.

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