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How To Prepare Your Groom For Engagement Photos

May 17, 2017

Let’s be honest here. Unless you happen to have one of those “Instagram Husbands” your groom is most likely not going to be into the whole picture thing. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and we get it! We often receive emails from brides who are worried their groom won’t be into the engagement photo process. Well, we have great news for you – you are both more photogenic than you think!

We constantly surprise couples by discovering their secret modeling skills and our most common response from our Moose Studio Groom is “That wasn’t so bad. It was actually kind of fun.” Heck yes! When the groom says taking pictures was fun, we have done a job well done. Your engagement session is supposed to be fun, and not forced or awkward. As you prepare for your shoot, there are a few things you can do to help your groom know what to expect.

How To Prepare Your Fiancé For The Engagement Session

Show Him 2-3 Engagement Sessions

Whether these are engagement sessions that we have shot, or ones that you find on Pinterest, spend some time letting him scroll through a few blog posts. This will allow him to gauge where his expectations should be. Show him the style of photography that we will be doing together. He gets to love on you for an hour, and we just happen to be there to document it. When they know what to expect, they will be excited about it.

Allow Plenty Of Time

There is nothing worse that when a couple shows up late. You can tell they have been arguing in the car, and it most definitely put your groom into a bad mood. Account for traffic, fashion issues and hair emergencies too.

Don’t Show Up Hangry

Making sure you are well fed before a photoshoot is actually one of the most important aspects of our process that we stress. When hunger is high and blood sugar is low people can get headaches and feel lethargic, making for a less than perfect experience. Josh always makes sure he eats before shoot otherwise he is miserable! We always make sure to bring a few snacks with us for emergencies but there is no replacing a good lunch with your significant other.

Have Patience With Him

Don’t assume that he will have a bad time. Give him time to warm up to the idea, and go into it with a good attitude. Good attitudes tend to be contagious so the chances are good that if your happy, he will be happy. Also, let him know that his ideas about what a photoshoot with us might be, may not be what he thinks. We have learned through experience that one of the worst blunders photographers can make during the shoot is to stay silent, hiding behind the camera, taking shots as they see fit.

We will communicate with you the entire time and talk you through every pose. We know what we want it to look like and Josh isn’t afraid to act it out, using his own body as an example. We enjoy conversing with our clients and a fluid, light hearted, and most importantly fun experience is our number one mission. Getting great shots ranks high on our list too!

Plan Something Fun Afterwards

You will already be dressed up, so pick something special to do after your engagement session. As soon as the sun goes down, we’re done. and you will have the whole evening to hang out together. Think of it as a date! We think you will be surprised how much you both will enjoy your engagement session.



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