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10 Alternatives To The Traditional Wedding Registry

January 29, 2015

The traditional wedding registry dates back to the 1920’s, when department store Macy’s invented one of the first gift registries. Today, the wedding registry has evolved into a variety of options such as donating to a charity, funding a honeymoon or a down payment for a future home. Here are 10 alternative options to the traditional department store wedding registry.

10 Alternatives To The Traditional Wedding Registry

There are a vast amount of reasons to forego the traditional wedding registry these days. One being that many couples such as Joshua and I, are choosing to live together before they are married, and therefore don’t need a lot of the traditional home goods.

Believe me, we have already spent hours negotiating over what color dishes to get, utensils we need and bedding for our bedroom. We honestly don’t need anything more for our apartment, and I’m sure there are many couples that can relate that already live together. Of course, there are always a few things that we would want to have when we eventually move into a house, and those would be a few things we consider putting on our wedding registry.

1. Amazon

This option is pretty much a no brainer. Amazon is a corporate giant and has almost anything you could possibly need. Need I say more?

2. Zola

This wedding registry is relatively new in the wedding industry. Zola allows you to create a personalized page with a custom url, photos and notes to guests. You can register for unique products, experiences, and anything from any retail store.

3. Simple Registry

Don’t need another set of dishes? Would you rather have a new record for your turn table? This wedding registry is very similar to Amazon because it allows you to register for pretty much anything and everything.

4. Our Wishing Well

I really love this company because they allow you to set up a wedding registry to collect funds for a new car. Joshua and I recently totaled his 1991 Fox Body Mustang in a car crash and we have been trying to manage with only one car until we can buy a new one. This option might work for some couples who are planning to purchase a new car together once they are married.

5. I Do Foundation

The I Do Foundation is a charity registry that is great for couples that don’t really need anything. Rather than receive gifts or money,  your wedding guests can donate to a charity that you are most passionate about.

6. The Honey Fund

As seen on the ABC Shark Tank television show, this registry allows you to register for your dream honeymoon. I love love love this option. I am always looking for an excuse to explore the world and my future honeymoon is going to be no exception. HoneyFund is completely free and the money goes directly to you, which means no delays after the registry is closed. You can get packing for that dream honeymoon right away! After all – material items may break, but memories last a lifetime.

7. Hatch My House

This registry is not only a practical option but a meaningful one. By gifting funds to the couple’s house down payment fund, you are giving them the gift of a home – a place to relax, build a family and live their lives together.

8. Card Avenue

I love gift cards. They are such a guilt free way to shop, because you have a set amount that you are able to spend. The best part is that they don’t expire, and you can use them to pick out things that you actually like.

9. Etsy

Oh, Etsy – we share a sweet love affair. This is seriously one of my favorite places to shop. Everything is handmade and unique. I love that each piece you buy from this site has been laboriously worked on with love. It is always so rewarding to read the shop owner’s stories and see the behind the scenes of their design process.

10. Ciderr

What we love about this wedding registry is that it allows couples who can’t afford their dream wedding photographer to still hire them. The wedding registry is essentially a fund wedding guests can contribute to, to pay for the photographer, and any additional prints, canvases, or wedding albums they want to purchase from the photographer.

And lastly, there is cash. Some couples may prefer to just ask for straight cash as their wedding gift. In my humble opinion, I believe this is a bit presumptuous and tacky. Although it is tradition to give a gift to newlyweds, it is not required and guests may be offended.

The point of a wedding registry is to make it convenient for guests to understand your style and taste. A wedding registry should include a range of prices so that people can choose how much they want to spend on you. You don’t have to stick to just one wedding registry either. Maybe you still do need a few things for your home together, don’t hesitate to register for a mix of traditional department stores and online options.

Tip : Don’t include your wedding registry information on the wedding invitations. Instead, have friends and family help spread the word for you. Alternatively, you can include it on your wedding website. 

Once you decide on the type of wedding registry you will use, you can sit back and relax. Your wedding day will be here sooner than you can imagine! Congrats!


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