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Riley’s Wilderness Park Engagement : Kathleen + Jereme

May 6, 2017

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They played against each other during co-ed softball in Fullerton. When Jereme noticed her from across the field he asked his friends about her. Unfortunately for him, she had a boyfriend at the time. So many weeks passed before they crossed paths again.

After Kathleen ended her previous relationship, her friend encouraged her to get back in the dating game. Scrolling through Instagram, she stumbled across a photo of the guy from her softball game. She reminded her friend that she thought he was cute.

Her friend casually passed on the compliment to Jereme who couldn’t believe his luck! He decided to Direct Message Kathleen on Instagram…”rumor has it (cue the music) that you’ve been asking about me,” and as they say…the rest is history.


Riley's Wilderness Park Engagement : Kathleen + Jereme

Jereme is a firefighter, so they decided to bring his gear and have some fun in the fields of Riley’s Wilderness Park…

Riley's Wilderness Park Engagement : Kathleen + Jereme

They were completely at ease with each other like they had been together forever…

Afterwards, they decided to change into their more formal clothes and share a moment together…

But, they were too silly to be all serious…

So they grabbed each other’s hands and ran to the next location…

The lighting was perfect as it lit up their smiles…

We love when couples are so free spirited and up for anything…

Kathleen and Jereme, you two go so well together like peanut butter and jelly.

…and Jereme, you did a fantastic job picking out that stunning ring….

We can’t wait to celebrate their marriage during their wedding this coming September…

If it’s anything like the engagement session, we just know it’s going to be perfect! Love you guys!!


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