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We’re obsessed with Instagram. There’s no denying that. In the last two years, we have built a following of over 11,000 people on the social media app. Instagram has brought us more clients than all our other social media platforms combined. We hustle everyday to research trending hashtags, create an aesthetically pleasing feed and attract new followers to our […]

13 Instagram Hacks To Increase Your Likes, Comments And Reposts

Oh, you didn’t think that you could just use the Instagram app did you? Gaining a loyal following on Instagram that translates into a profitable business requires a few extra steps. Gone are the days of just posting whatever is on your iPhone. They key to growing a loyal audience on Instagram is to have high […]

Some call Instagram Stories the Snapchat Copycat. But, we’re not here today to debate whether or not Instagram stole Snapchat’s idea. Our only struggle with Instagram Stories is that it’s one more aspect of social media that we have to worry about! We find it nearly impossible to maintain a unique story on both Snapchat and Instagram. That is, until […]

How To Quickly Add Your Snapchat Story To Instagram

If you follow us @moosestudio on Instagram, it’s no secret how much time we spend  on the social media platform. We l-o-v-e what a great tool it is to grow your business and are obsessed with helping you achieve that growth. Today, we’re talking about some of the lies people tell about building and growing your Instagram account. We’re sure they’re coming from […]

Gone are the days where the sheer number of followers you have is all that really matters. Instagram has become a digital business card and portfolio. When someone pops over to your profile, they don’t waste a second determining whether or not they want to follow you. So that begs the question, is your Instagram profile worthy enough […]

When we first started our Instagram account, we knew nothing about the social media platform. We were tired of the declining engagement on Facebook, and thought, “what the hell, let’s see what Instagram can do for our business.” Truth be told, there were many Instagram mistakes that were made. We posted content that was specifically about what we had done […]

We love love love Instagram. Aside from Snapchat, it is by far one of our favorite social media platforms to be on. We can guarantee if you’re not on it yet, your competitor already is. One of the biggest mistakes we made when we first started using Instagram was to not utilize hashtags. What were we thinking?! […]

Instagram has been one of the most powerful tools we have used to build our Destination Wedding Photography business. On average, we get 3-5 wedding inquiries a month from brides that found us on the platform. And it cost us ZERO dollars to get their attention! All that was required was time and engagement. This morning we […]

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