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1976 Vintage Airstream Renovation : Week 12

April 24, 2017

This week we decided to focus on the plumbing. The process of putting together the entire system turned out to be a much bigger project than we ha originally thought. We had to figure out where the water was going to come into the trailer and what path it would take once inside. We tried to map out all of the connections we would need first so that we could buy everything once and have it on hand when we are putting everything together. The two different color lines signify hot and cold water, and will have to be stretched out in the sun and straightened with a heat gun.

Here are the faucets we decided to go with. We purchased them from Home depot and while they are not specific to RV systems they should work with the system we are building. They will be pressurized from a pump that will have to be turned on separately when the trailer is not hooked up to city water.

These clamps will hold the water lines in place under the cabinets. They were surprisingly hard to find because home depot and Lows never seemed to cary them in high enough quantities.

These are the connectors we will use to branch off the main line for hot and cold water. Anywhere there was a “T” in the line, we will have one of these SharkBite connections.

We were able to reuse much of the old ABS drainage lines because we didn’t change the layout of the trailer much. fortunately for us this will allow us to save a little bit of money.

You can watch our latest Vlog here…

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