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1976 Vintage Airstream Renovation : Week 7

February 22, 2016

One of the hardest lessons we have learned with renovating this vintage airstream trailer, is that money will at some point become an issue, and run out. As you may have noticed, we haven’t posted any airstream renovation updates lately. We had to take a break to save up again! We have however, been able to make a few minor accomplishments over the last couple of weeks.

The trailer is now officially done being painted! This was a very laborious task, but in our humble opinion, it turned out pretty darn good. It looks almost brand new!

1976 Land Yacht Sovereign Airstream in Orange County, California.

We kept the original air conditioning unit cover, but sanded it down and spray painted it white with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Semi Gloss.

1976 Land Yacht Sovereign Airstream in Orange County, California.

On either side of it, we installed two LED ceiling lights to brighten up the space.

1976 Land Yacht Sovereign Airstream in Orange County, California.

Each small window at the top has been sealed with silicone to prevent water from seeping in (which happened a few times in the past). Next we will be installing the last of the lights on the ceiling and prepping the floors to install new hardwood!

1976 Land Yacht Sovereign Airstream in Orange County, California.

Be sure to check back next week for an update on the progress of our airstream.

Till next time, Happy Monday!

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  1. Tom says:

    Hey guys I am too starting on my renovation of a 34 limited thats just landed in the UK, I didnt want to get into taking the walls off myself but I just might after reading your blog……one question your control panel how did you make that work/where did you buy it from and what level indicators have you used on your tanks?

    Love the work and enthusiasm!!!!

    • Moose Studio says:

      Hi Tom! Congrats on your new trailer! :) We accidentally threw away our original control panel and have yet to replace it with a new one for monitoring the tanks. I would definitely save the original one if you still have it! As for the electrical box, we ordered it from our local RV trailer supply. I will see if I can find a similar one for you online.

  2. Lillian McNicholas says:

    what did you to paint the walls in the trailer?

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