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The adventure continues today as we drive to what seems to be the middle of nowhere. Salty air filled our noses as we checked out of our hotel on the Oregon Coast and headed inland to Sweet Creek Trail. As we dove into the trees we began to feel like we had exclusive access to the heart […]

Our epic road trip from California to Oregon has been intertwined with city life and nature. After two amazing days in Portland, Oregon, we are embarking back on our journey to connect with nature on the Oregon Coast. We tried…more like barely made an effort… to get an early start this morning. With the gloomy skies […]

Adventure On The Road : The Oregon Coast

After two 8 hour days of driving, Josh and I finally arrived in Portland, Oregon today in the early evening. Portland, Oregon was not what we imagined – not even close. We pictured a smaller version of San Francisco bustling with people trying to stay out of the rain. It was anything but that… Try asking […]

What To Do In Portland, Oregon In Less Than 48 Hours

There are tons of waterfalls in Oregon, United States but these are the three we were able to see on our epic road trip from California to Oregon. Each waterfall we hiked to, we stood in awe and wonder at their powerful stance in nature. It was almost too much to take in all at […]

3 Stunning Waterfalls You Don't Want To Miss In Portland, Oregon

A few weeks ago, I took a leap of faith and quite my full time job as a preschool teacher to pursue wedding photography full time. To be California and destination wedding photographers is a dream that Josh and I are ready to actualize. Quitting my stable 9-5 job was one of the hardest decisions I have ever […]

Our Epic Road Trip From California To Oregon

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