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This past July, we flew to Seattle, Washington to photograph a wedding and visit some new friends. We had no idea about the beauty that would await us. From the moment we stepped off the plane, our souls felt deeply connected to the Earth. To say that it has become our happy place would be […]

With its iconic sunny climate, Southern California offers a plethora of eateries, beaches and unexpectedly awesome things to do in Orange County. The affluent beach communities are known for being the ultimate place to shop, eat and relax. Whether you’re looking to escape the never ending cold winters, improve your surfing skills or tan in the […]

After trekking through the amazing Zion National Park yesterday, we decided to drive to Bryce Canyon National Park today. The park is known for it’s majestic hoodoos; hoodoos are sandstone pillars formed over time from erosion. Bryce Canyon is relatively small, so you are able to see a lot in one day, but there’s enough to do that […]

Last night we arrived in Zion National Park. Barely. On the drive from our home in Newport Beach, Ca to Utah we got hit with a crazy hail/snow storm. As luck would have it, the car needed gas, and one of us had to get out and stand in the cold to pump it. To be fair, we decided […]

Fair warning…there are a lot of cactus pictures in this post. We haven’t been to the desert in a while, so we may have gone a little crazy documenting it! We couldn’t believe all of the unexpected, hidden beauty we found in Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks to my Mom and her husband Marvin for giving us the grand tour. […]

Every since I was little, I’ve had this fascination with things that are abnormally tiny or large. I have a collection of photographs that I have been curating during my travels of these abnormally sized items. It sounds strange, and it probably is, but it entertains me and that’s all that matters! In my photo collection, I […]

Located just South of Downtown San Diego, you will find the hidden jewel – Coronado Island. Geographically speaking, it is actually a combination of an Island and a Tombolo connected to the mainland, called the Silver Strand. Coronado is actually Spanish for “the crowned one” and is often referred to as the The Crowned City. With miles […]

Clearly, we are partial, but there’s no better place to experience Autumn and all it’s glory than Vancouver, Canada. From the inner busy heart of Downtown, to the serene outer edges, Vancouver will surely take your breath away. We love being adventurous, discovering new places, and restaurants, and that we did. With only 72 hours to […]

Victoria, British Columbia has long been on my bucket list for travel destinations, so when we boarded the first ferry out from Tsawwassen terminal in Vancouver, Canada the excitement started to grow. Victoria is the island’s biggest city and capital of British Columbia. The city has everything from wildlife, fascinating history and culture, and delicious food. Add in […]

Vancouver, Canada has been calling our names and filling our hearts lately. It’s sweeping coastline and regal mountains, fill our dreams. We yearn to drink in the crisp air and to step our eager feet in it’s bustling city. This is going to be one of the most beautiful adventures we have as we also celebrate our […]

Today Josh and I are flying from LAX to Vancouver, Canada to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. The flight is about three hours long, which is just enough time to grow restless on the plane. Crying kids, flushing toilets, various people coughing, terrible snacks, and small seats are some of the things we all struggle with […]

Phone apps tend to make our life easier. From booking flights, finding things to do or helping us pack, apps work hard to simplify everything. What used to take guidebooks, maps and concierges to do, is now streamlined from a single device – your cell phone. There are countless travel apps out there, but we’re here to […]

We travel often for our destination weddings, and we are always trying to fit all of our camera gear into a bag efficiently as possible. Especially when it comes to flying. We need to make sure we have our eyes on our gear at all times – no checking bags for us! Up until recently, […]

This place was so RAD. If you have ever read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, The Last Bookstore would be heaven to you. If it really was the last bookstore, I think I would be ok with that. The walls were lined with books, the ceilings lined with books, even secret hidden vaulted rooms lined with books!! What […]

We just returned from a week in Austin, Texas, shooting a beautiful rustic wedding at The Vineyards at Chappel Lodge. The lodge is a dreamy 53-acre estate with endless fields of wildflowers, and historic Texas oak trees that will take your breath away. Pinch me. Lucky for us, we also had a chance to run around and explore the […]

We jumped in the car with out shorts on and our sweaters worn loosely over our bodies. The California sun shining it’s beautiful rays upon us as we drove towards La Jolla, California to explore for the day. As we got closer to the sea, I could smell the salt in the air, kissing my […]

Decide Where You Want To Go This may seem pretty obvious, but it actually can be quite a daunting task. There are so many beautiful places in this world, it can be hard to decide where you want to go first. I personally have a list that I keep in my journal of all the […]

Salty air. Sandy toes. Warm golden rays of light. This is probably what you have in mind when you think of Southern California. On average, we get over 150 days of sunshine a year. Snow?! It wouldn’t happen in a million years…or so I thought. Despite all odds, in the middle of the night last week, winter arrived.  The […]

Winter In Southern California

Today brings the last day on our two week epic road trip from California to Oregon. It has been such an incredible journey driving through California and Oregon. Both Josh and I agree we would do it again in a heart beat. The beauty we have seen has been unreal. We hadn’t originally planned to see Yosemite […]

Adventure On The Road : Yosemite National Park

The adventure continues today as we drive to what seems to be the middle of nowhere. Salty air filled our noses as we checked out of our hotel on the Oregon Coast and headed inland to Sweet Creek Trail. As we dove into the trees we began to feel like we had exclusive access to the heart […]

Our epic road trip from California to Oregon has been intertwined with city life and nature. After two amazing days in Portland, Oregon, we are embarking back on our journey to connect with nature on the Oregon Coast. We tried…more like barely made an effort… to get an early start this morning. With the gloomy skies […]

Adventure On The Road : The Oregon Coast

After two 8 hour days of driving, Josh and I finally arrived in Portland, Oregon today in the early evening. Portland, Oregon was not what we imagined – not even close. We pictured a smaller version of San Francisco bustling with people trying to stay out of the rain. It was anything but that… Try asking […]

What To Do In Portland, Oregon In Less Than 48 Hours

There are tons of waterfalls in Oregon, United States but these are the three we were able to see on our epic road trip from California to Oregon. Each waterfall we hiked to, we stood in awe and wonder at their powerful stance in nature. It was almost too much to take in all at […]

3 Stunning Waterfalls You Don't Want To Miss In Portland, Oregon

A few weeks ago, I took a leap of faith and quite my full time job as a preschool teacher to pursue wedding photography full time. To be California and destination wedding photographers is a dream that Josh and I are ready to actualize. Quitting my stable 9-5 job was one of the hardest decisions I have ever […]

Our Epic Road Trip From California To Oregon

You must be thinking, what the heck is a goat walk?! Completely understandable, because that was our same thought as we nearly drove right past Dave’s Goat Walk and The Log Barn. As it turns out, a goat walk is a special overhead platform created for the goats so that they can climb to the top […]

While driving East in British Columbia today, we came across a sign for The Enchanted Forest. Naturally curious, we had to see what it was all about! Little did we know, we were in for a real surprise. Upon arrival, it was as if we had transported into a real life fairytale. A grand stone castle stood majestically […]

The Enchanted Forest In British Columbia, Canada

Upon landing in Canada yesterday, Josh’s grandparents graciously picked us up from the airport. We arrived a day prior to our destination wedding at Summerhill Pyramid Winery to spend some time with them. I almost forgot where we were when we woke up this morning. Nothing but peaceful silence filled my ears. A welcoming change from the constant hum […]

Today has been one of those days where I feel like I am dreaming. Time is just flying by, and I am standing still in the middle of it. Has that ever happened to you?! It’s honestly one of the most bizarre feelings. In reality, we have been running around like crazy since the New Year started, […]

Flying To Canada For Our First Destination Wedding

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